How do you inspire and equip multiple patient organizations to achieve a common goal, especially when they have a long history of advancing separate agendas? We brought advocacy leaders together, helped them identify common ground, and developed the first co-branded educational tools.


  • Understand the competing agendas of multiple national patient organizations serving the same patient community
  • Involve advocacy leaders in defining and prioritizing educational needs
  • Inspire the groups to collaborate to achieve a common goal
  • Equip the groups with tools to increase reach and impact



  • Conducted audit to understand strengths and priorities of different groups
  • Spoke separately with leaders from each group to secure input, build support
  • Collected existing tools to identify gaps
  • Hosted and moderated full-day meeting
  • Developed co-branded tool kit


  • Secured participation in full-day meeting in Los Angeles, California
  • Launched co-branded tool kit across 4 groups serving
  • Disseminated printed and digital materials
  • 100% of attendees agreed to share the same educational information about Narcolepsy with community members moving forward

“It’s all about coming together and educating people about Narcolepsy. Our goal is to use these materials to do so.” – Matthew Hieb, Narcolepsy Network