Sometimes, a task requires us to partner with another agency to achieve optimal results. We’ve developed relationships with exceptional organizations that provide only the highest quality work.

Second Melody is a design studio located just steps away from the SmithSolve office in Morristown, NJ. For nearly a decade, SmithSolve has partnered with Second Melody to produce highly targeted and customized design solutions. Deliverables include corporate and topic-specific websites, educational materials, fact sheets, infographics, brochures, presentations, and other design elements. The creative team at Second Melody specializes in branding, customer engagement, website design, collateral creation, and user experience.


Kryski Biomedia is a professional biomedical illustration and animation studio based in Toronto, Canada. Kryski creates scientifically accurate and educationally effective illustrations and animations for multiple mediums, including print (books, magazines, journals, pamphlets, posters, and exhibits) and digital (web, projection, and DVDR).

SmithSolve works with Kryski Biomedia to develop scientific graphics, including mechanism of action graphics, to explain the signs and symptoms of a disease state to demonstrate how a drug works in the body. We incorporate these images into websites, educational content, videos, and other multimedia elements.

Healthcare is a global business. SmithSolve is proud to be an independent affiliate partner of a network of healthcare communications and marketing partners in more than 50 countries. This network is run by Havas Just::, an award-winning integrated healthcare communications consultancy, specializing in public relations, advocacy, and medical communications. They are based in London, England.

Leveraging this extensive health network allows us to employ an integrated approach to solving business challenges for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies of all sizes and reach. We have a proven track record of implementing international campaigns, working with multiple agencies to deliver results that meet and exceed client expectations.