How do you create a new brand identity for an entrepreneurial biotech that is rapidly emerging as a global innovation powerhouse? SmithSolve delivered a customized branding strategy to better reflect the company’s vision, performance and growth. Fresh corporate branding tools focused on developing life-transforming therapies for patients with severe and debilitating ultra-rare diseases. The message differentiated the company and unified all audiences in a common mission of hope.


Alexion Pharmaceuticals has grown significantly since the approval of its first therapy in 2007. The company spoke loud and clear through its actions: delivering breakthrough medical innovations to patients who need them urgently. However, the company’s brand identity had not been keeping pace with its growth. Alexion asked SmithSolve to:

  • Redefine the Alexion brand in a clear and meaningful
  • Differentiate the company’s mission, culture and performance



SmithSolve used a customized and efficient branding process to differentiate Alexion and guide development of content and creative concepts.

Our work included:

  • Conducted a brand audit and prepared a master narrative to guide all efforts
  • Increased the emotional force of communication while maintaining a serious scientific tone
  • Used stories and facts to depict the devastation and magnitude of diseases and their impact
  • Recruited patients, caregivers, employees and management to share experiences through multiple media
  • Captured Alexion’s story through updated photography color, design and layout


The branding strategy successfully focused on a singular message of transforming the lives of patients, while highlighting Alexon’s innovation, commitment to patients and global capabilities. The branding tools supported the company’s recruitment efforts worldwide and promoted a more complete understanding of the company’s value among all audiences.

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