Teamwork: Why It Matters and How It’s Done

Everyone knows the value of teamwork, but a recent LinkedIn article makes the bold claim that teamwork is the best work you will ever do. TeamworkFullSizeRender-3  certainly is that important, and we use it every day, whether we realize it or not. Companies require internal communication and collaboration to achieve any goal.

For instance, to create an art display for an upcoming retreat in Chicago this summer, three other SmithSolve team members and I had to work together in a short, allotted time frame in order to complete our task. By the end of the hour, we filled two canvases with beautiful heart swatches to use as examples of what the patients, who will be attending the retreat, will be able to create. The purpose of making these swatches was to inspire the patients, but it also allowed us to hone our teamwork skills.

SmithFullSizeRender-2Solve will be working alongside Caring Capital, an organization dedicated to empowering others to make artistic gifts for neighbors in need, to engage patients affected by cystinosis in an arts-and-crafts project to unite the patient community. This project is just one example of our commitment to teamwork and the effect it can have on patients.

In more ways than one, we actively practice teamwork in everything we do, which is reflected in our work. After all, teamwork is the best work we do.