Supporting Headstart of Morris County

Lauren Reading 1HeadStart of Morris County is a nonprofit organization that provides childcare for those families who meet the Federal Poverty standards. The dedicated professionals and caregivers at HeadStart teach the children English, Spanish, reading and art, among other learning skills, to strengthen their minds for successful futures.

In December 2014, the SmithSolve staff built and decorated book shelves with different themes and characters to provide the children with a home for their books.

We dropped off the book shelves along with many books as a holiday surprise for the children. They showed their appreciation and gratitude as they selected the new book shelves for their classrooms. After reading and acting out two books to the children, our staff knew that they had just made a difference in the lives of these young students.

With each returning visit we provide the children with art supplies, books, holiday themed crafts and snacks. On our second visit we read Barnyard Banter, and the children acted out the sounds barnyard animals make, smiling the entire time.

Our collaboration with HeadStart has only just begun. The children sent handmade thank you cards to the SmithSolve team showing their appreciation for our efforts. That rewarding feeling makes giving back a gift in itself.