SmithSolve Team Builds a Masterpiece

As we all scrambled to get our work finished for the day, SmithSolve engaged in a group team building exercise. We headed to the Brookside Community Center in Mendham, New Jersey, to bond together outside of the office. Our day was filled with fun activities!Team Building 1

From sharing our favorite personal memories, to running across the room linking arms, we all connected together as a team. One of our most challenging, yet amusing exercises, was to create a collaborative SmithSolve-themed painting that combined four separate canvases.  With handy brainstorming, ingenuity and teamwork, we came up with an idea that expressed ourselves, the SmithSolve community and our clients. Our concept was to combine the target symbol from our logo on each canvas and include the words care, learn, solve and thrive to fully represent the sole mission and vision of SmithSolve. We plan to hang it up in our office so we remember what it means to us.

Team Building 2Following the team building session, we headed to the Black Horse Pub together and ate dinner. Not only was the food delicious, but we carried the fun back with us to the pub. The team building gave us the opportunity to learn more about each other and the opportunity to grow together and trust one another to deliver our work for the clients.