SmithSolve Supports Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation

FullSizeRenderThe Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation held their 2nd Annual Catherine Violet Hubbard Memorial Golf Tournament on Friday, July 24, and it could not have been a more beautiful day for golfing and spending time with friends and family.  With 220 golfers and numerous supporters and attendees, the day was filled with fun, activities, great food and some very brightly colored golf pants!

Volunteering for the day, I worked at the Foundation’s tent, greeting golfers and offering information about the Foundation, the Animal Sanctuary and the newest Cups of Kindness Campaign.  I was overwhelmed by the number of golfers and families who wanted to learn more about how they can help and were blown away by the incredible plans for the sanctuary.  This event was yet another reminder of the love and support that surrounds the Hubbard family and the community affected by the Newtown tragedy.

As a recent graduate, it has been a privilege to work with Jenny and Matt Hubbard to help honor their beautiful red-headed daughter. Her love for animals continues to motivate SmithSolve to support her mission to teach others to spread kindness and live in harmony with animals.