How do you help a new biotech company show its value and differentiate its technology within the crowded RNAi field? Using fresh language and high-impact visuals, SmithSolve helped diverse stakeholders understand the company’s mission, technology and pipeline of programs – all focused on improving lives.


Differentiate Dicerna from other players focused on RNA interference (RNAi) and show the strong clinical and commercial potential of the company’s proprietary technology platform.

  • Define a corporate story that is easily understood and shared consistently across all stakeholders
  • Create distinctive brands for the company and its technology platform
  • Increase visibility of Dicerna, its RNAi platform and pipeline
  • Build and sustain investor confidence
  • Strengthen relationships with patient community and advocacy organizations



SmithSolve designed and led a multi-year communications program rooted in science and clinical data. Working closely with the management team, we developed messages, anticipated investor questions, and identified opportunities for medical experts to comment on new treatment strategies for diseases associated with the liver.

Our work included:

  • Developed entirely new corporate website to present science in a clear, compelling format
  • Created new tools to support the corporate brand: corporate presentation medical illustrations, etc.
  • Improved news flow to financial, medical and industry media
  • Hosted Dicerna’s first Investor Day to present emerging data from its GalXCTM technology platform


  • Increased visibility in target media, including The Economist (Audience: 8 million)
  • Produced 3 medical illustrations to explain RNAi technology and delivery platforms
  • Exceeded all pre-defined metrics for R&D Day:
    • 78 participants, including 23 in person
    • 100% positive message pull-through in analyst reports and media coverage
    • 100% attendance from targeted key investors and analysts
  • Secured positive feedback from post-event survey regarding event flow, content, value
  • Integrated communication campaign
  • Increased awareness and support among all key stakeholders