Patient Powered Pain Management

Imagine living with constant pain so severe that it impacts every aspect of your life. Where would you turn for help?

Last month, SmithSolve partnered with a global pharmaceutical company to host a full-day, international symposium to address chronic pain in people living with serious rare diseases. The event connected the company’s executives, researchers and physicians with leaders of prominent advocacy groups, patients and their caregivers. Nearly 60 participants explored the burden of rare diseases and the importance of improving pain management.

Based on the lively dialogue, it was clear that insights gained could inform and propel the company’s daily research, development and business plans, and ultimately lead to promising new treatment strategies. The attendees identified opportunities for continued collaboration, and agreed to maintain an open dialogue.

Through this patient-centered approach, our client empowered patient organizations to contribute to the earliest stages of drug development, from identifying unmet needs to clinical trial design. We look forward to seeing what evolves from this powerful collaboration.

“It’s imperative for pharmaceutical companies to communicate regularly to patient organizations scientific advances, so they can provide hope to the patients.”

– Patient advocate attendee.