How do you raise awareness of an extremely rare disease and a new treatment? We involved KOLS and professional and patient groups in crafting powerful messages and tools. The result: a surround-sound of support at FDA approval.


  • Secure media coverage and boost recognition of veno-occlusive disease (VOD), a rare & deadly complication of stem cell transplant
  • Demonstrate life-saving potential of investigational therapy
  • Build support among physicians, advocates, investors, media
  • Anticipate potential concerns about value, price, access



Through our work, we:

  • Generated strong media coverage of product, data, corporate story
  • Secured KOL and patient endorsements of product, company
  • Organized advisory panel of nine cancer organizations
  • Led full-day workshop to craft value story narrative
  • Prepared for potential FDA advisory committee
  • Equipped internal employees with core messages / Q&A


  • Secured 100% positive media coverage
  • Placed 43 original articles
  • Generated community engagement – 500+ tweets
  • 90% of media coverage to include 2-3 key messages
  • 100% of reports that mention price include a corporate message
  • 11 KOL quotes, 9 Jazz quotes, including 3 interviews with Jazz spokespersons
  • Strengthened relationships with KOLs/advocacy organizations